Christians on campus and in the professional world have unique opportunities and challenges that require intellectual, spiritual and community support from Christian peers and colleagues in their field. While students grow intellectually through their university coursework, they also seek to understand how what they learn in the classroom intersects with their faith and life outside of academia. Alumni and faculty represent an often untapped resource of wisdom and experience in exploring these questions, but logistic challenges can prevent mutually beneficial connections from ever occurring. Additionally, alumni often feel isolated in their career and struggle to integrate their work and spiritual life.

Recent movements have been emerging on college campuses to meet these needs such as Christian journals, study centers, conferences on career and faith, and alumni groups. These efforts have synergistically strengthened and brought together existing campus ministries, filling a gap not met by local churches, bridging the disconnect and distrust that often develops between academia and the Christian community, and connecting alumni and students so that individuals receive the professional support they need both during and after their studies.

We seek to cultivate this movement in the Johns Hopkins Christian community by leveraging the strength of Christian Hopkins alumni, networking alumni, faculty and students, and thus mentoring the next generation of Christian leaders.